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Chemical safety knowledge

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  The chemical industry as a high-risk industry, often happen some accident off guard, as a member of the chemical industry, you should know some knowledge of chemical safety, the following are some of the content, we hope to help.

  1. Fourteen are not allowed in the production area

  (1) to strengthen the management of open fire, no smoking is allowed in the factory area

  (2) minors are not allowed to enter the production area

  (3) you are not allowed to sleep, do personal work, leave work or do anything irrelevant to production during office hours

  (4) no drinking after work

  (5) no use of inflammable liquids such as gasoline to scrub equipment, utensils and clothing

  (6) not wearing labor protection products according to regulations, and not allowed to enter production positions

  (7) equipment with incomplete safety devices shall not be used

  (8) equipment and tools that are not under their own control shall not be used

  (9) safety measures shall not fall into the equipment during maintenance and shall not be allowed to start maintenance

  (10) the equipment after downtime maintenance shall not be enabled without thorough inspection

  (11) no work permit, no safety belt, no scaffolding, no gangplank, no high work permit

  (12) not fixed well on the asbestos gangway, no work allowed

  (13) mobile tools without electric shock protection devices shall not be used

  (14) employees who have not obtained a certificate of safe operation shall not be allowed to work independently, and employees of special types of work shall not be allowed to work without obtaining a certificate.

  2. Operator"s six strictures

  (1) strictly implement the handover system

  (2) strict inspection tour system

  (3) strictly control the process indicators

  (4) strictly implement the operation method

  (5) strictly observe labor discipline

  (6) strict implementation of safety regulations

  3. Eight requirements for entering the container

  (1) must apply for a certificate and get approval

  (2) safety isolation must be carried out

  (3) power supply must be cut off and safety lamps should be used

  (4) replacement and ventilation must be carried out

  (5) safety analysis must be conducted according to the time requirement

  (6) the required protective equipment must be worn

  (7) someone must be outside the vessel and guard the post

  (8) emergency measures must be taken

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