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Basic chemical industry: acrylic ester price increase is the highlight

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  Fluctuation of major chemical products:

  Among the biggest increases: dichloromethane (east China, 10.26%), acetone (east China, 8.05%), urea (hualuhengsheng, 6.98%), butyl acrylate (zhejiang satellite, 6.94%), ammonium chloride (shijiazhuang linalkali, 6.67%).

  Among the biggest declines: urea (Baltic, -10.00%), natural gas (nymex futures, -5.30%), natural rubber (Shanghai, -4.02%), pta(east China, -3.25%), methanol (east China, -2.53%). Comments on price fluctuation of chemical products:

  Wti and brent crude closed at $39.46 a barrel and $40.44 a barrel, up 0.05% and down 1.84% from the previous week. Natural gas futures were trading at $1.81 per mbtu on the New York mercantile exchange, down 5.3 per cent on the week. Non-opec oil producers are expected to produce 750,000 barrels a day less in 2016, as the glut in the crude oil market gradually improves. But the dollar index rose last week, putting pressure on oil prices. Global crude oil inventories are still at record highs and there are no clear signs of inventory declines that will depress prices. In the short term oil will find a new balance between $30 and $40 a barrel.

  Propylene industry chain performance is eye-catching. Acrylic acid and butyl acrylate were up 1.69 percent and 6.94 percent respectively last week, while acetone was up 8.05 percent, among major chemicals. Prices for acrylic-related products have been depressed since the fourth quarter of last year, leading some manufacturers to reduce plant loads and reduce inventories. Recently, with the advent of the downstream demand peak season, the prices of acrylic-related products have been driven up. Recent main viewpoints of dongxing chemical industry:

  Since February this year, crude oil price has rebounded sharply, which has led to a general rise in the price of chemical products. Last week, the rebound in oil prices has come to an end and entered a new period of adjustment. Upfront price gains larger products, such as dyes, such as vitamin a subsequent rise in price of power is abate, the relevant listed company"s share price rose sharply in the short term after also faces pressure of callback, companies such as Solomon"s the top share prices fall last week, showed that market attitude to hype product prices tend to be more careful. Future advice to focus on a continuous production capacity out of titanium pigment, printing and dyeing and other industries, and intermediates, electronic chemicals, and other industries with matching and cost advantages, will continue to undertake the international transfer capacity, good prospect of development.

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